Gospel Blues for the Harmonica

The blues had its origin in songs of depression and sorrow. As such the melodies of blues songs have a mournful emotion to them. The harmonica lends itself to this kind of expression.

Thomas Dorsey introduced Gospel Blues back in the 1930s. Many churches found it difficult to accept gospel music with a blues sound. They thought that all gospel music should be joyful.

However, the Christian experience is that sometimes we go through valleys. Many of David's Psalms were written during times of depression and they reveal the honesty of the moment.

This book includes many hymns and gospel songs that lend themselves to a blues style of harmonica playing. They provide a rich opportunity to express emotion through your harmonica.

Many of the Negro Spirituals that were composed in the cotton fields also lend themselves to the blues sound.

Look for those long draw notes that are easy to bend. Make your harmonica cry.

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